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Clinical & Health Psychologist, World Leading Researcher, Author & Educator.

About Peta

I'm Peta Stapleton, PhD

By profession I am a registered Clinical & Health Psychologist in Queensland, Australia and am currently an Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University.

Mostly I am known for my research and clinical work in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or ‘Tapping’). I have been honoured to present on EFT at TEDx, present for Gaia, write The Science Behind Tapping for Hay House, consult on the Scientific Advisory Boards for The Tapping Solution, Dr Joe Dispenza (Encephalon), the Mind Heart Connect Foundation, speak at conferences worldwide, and deliver master classes and webinars for international audiences.


I have been awarded many honours including the 2019 Psychologist of the Year by the Australian Allied Health Awards, the Harvey Baker Research Award for meticulous research in energy psychology (USA), the Global Weight Management Congress Industry Professional Award of Excellence, the Women in Change Award (Women in Business, Australia), the most contribution to the field (energy psychology, USA) and the Innovation and Technology Award (Women in Business, Australia) for our online EFT treatment programs.

I am also mum to two daughters (who love having a Psychologist mother!!!), and a toy cavoodle, and call the Gold Coast home.

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Emotional Freedom Techniques

What is EFT Tapping?

EFT Tapping is simply a self applied stress reduction tool. It has a growing list of research trials published to support its effectiveness.

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The Science Behind Tapping

A 3-part series from world leading EFT researcher Dr Peta Stapleton takes you on journey into the science of EFT so you can more easily understand and share the evidence.

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EFT Trainings

I am the head trainer at Evidence Based EFT. We offer training in Clinical EFT (tested in clinical research trials) for professionals wanting to achieve accreditation.

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The world's largest online EFT educational resource. Expand your skills through Masterclasses, training and professional development based on the latest research in Clinical EFT.

This is designed for professionals already trained in EFT.

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EFT For Weight Management 

The Tapping for Weight Management Online Program is the only online EFT for weight management program in the world to be clinically researched. The 8 & 12 week programs are delivered by Myself & Australia’s leading weight management Psychologist, Glenn Mackintosh. 

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Out Now - Hot off the Press

It's Here! (McFarland Publishers, USA). 

Memory Improvement Through EFT Tapping: A Way to Boost Recall and Clarity

by Dr Peta Stapleton.

While memory loss is a natural part of the aging process, many experience memory issues for reasons other than aging. Stress, anxiety and depression can cause forgetfulness, confusion, difficulty concentrating and other issues that disrupt daily activities, and research suggests that we can ease memory impairments caused by stress with effective coping mechanisms like EFT tapping. Offering real client stories and outcomes from research, this is a comprehensive guide to EFT tapping. Focused on improving memory, it offers practical applications for tapping that can alleviate everyday forgetfulness (like difficulty recalling peoples’ names), supercharge learning processes in people of all ages, and treat dementia.  Available everywhere! Click on your favourite link below or shop in store. It is US$19.99 and comes with a range of free Tapping Memory resources!!!

 Direct from the Publisher in USA

Is Therapy Facing a Revolution?

In this TEDx talk I outline why Tapping is fast becoming part of the 4th wave of therapy.  This will be the best 18 minutes of your day!


The Ultimate Tapping Guide

While EFT or tapping can address a range of complex emotional challenges, the basic protocol is quite straightforward and surprisingly easy to learn. Download your *FREE* educational Ultimate Tapping Guide now by Australia's leading EFT researcher and clinical psychologist, Dr Peta Stapleton.


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Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is still considered experimental in nature although it is gaining in scientific support it is not yet widely accepted as a formally validated scientific technique.

All workshops and trainings are intended to promote awareness of the benefits of learning and applying Clinical EFT (the version tested in clinical research trials). However, the general public must take full responsibility for their use of it. This material is for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for traditional medical attention, counselling, therapy or advice from a qualified health care professional. Neither Clinical EFT nor the information here is intended to be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or disorder.

If you experience any unusual symptoms practicing the technique you should seek the advice of a health professional. Although the results of our research and others in the academic world indicated that many people benefiting from the use of Clinical EFT with their food cravings, weight loss, anxiety and depression, the responses to the technique are individual. A lack of result or progress may mean you need professional assistance. For assistance to locate a skilled practitioner email [email protected] 

If you have any concern regarding your health or mental state, it is recommend that you seek out advice or treatment from a qualified, licensed health care professional. Before making any dietary changes or discontinuing, reducing or increasing prescription medications it is recommended that you consult with a doctor, pharmacist or other qualified medical or health professional first.

While Dr Peta Stapleton is a registered psychologist, all EFT trainings, courses and products (free or for purchase) offered by the Company are not a psychological service.

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